Уровень зарплаты Город Требуемый опыт работы
з/п не указана Заполярный (Ямало-Ненецкий АО) 3–6 лет


Technical competences

He/She shall be able to perform these tasks:

! Provide on-site technical direction to customer-owned utility and industrial Oil & Gas plants.

! Pre-outage and installation planning; possibly recommending and administering policies and procedures

! Equipment start-up, diagnostic and troubleshooting.

! Combustion inspection

! Hot Gas Path Inspection.

! Major inspection

! Perform small mechanical repairs at machining tools in the workshop.

! Unloading and Inspection of the gas turbine major auxiliaries at the installation site and their placement on the foundation.

! Installation and assembling activities of gas turbine and auxiliary equipment such as oil console, air

system, interconnection piping, coolers, structure, ducts, oil flushing, blowing, etc.

! Perform lube oil and cooling water systems flushes as per GE recommended procedures.

! Ensure all gas piping and orifices are correctly installed for each piping system

! Mark-up all piping drawings to show piping modifications

! Install inlet and exhaust systems per GE / Vendor specifications.

! Pre-commissioning and commissioning of oil system, starting system, fuel gas system, air system

! Advise on interpretation of GE drawings for installation optimization.

! Work closely with Instrumentation Engineer during the installation, calibration and set-up electrical instrumentation (such as vibration probes, temperature elements, servo actuators calibration, etc).

! Check-out and initial operation of base mounted gas turbine starting means.

! Lock-out and Tag-out

! Boroscope inspection.

! Water wash procedure

! Geometric dimensional check of foundation, equipment and auxiliaries skids positioning, leveling (ensure levelness and elevations of subsole plates and perform contact checks between subsole plates and package supports) and alignment.

Management competences include:

• Good attitude to manage relationships with customer concerning technical and contractual aspects.

• Working knowledge and application of EHS rules.

• Coordination and management of manpower (when applicable).

Minimum Skills / Knowledge
GE Gas Turbines (Preferred frame 7E) and Gas compressors. Strong interpersonal skills, technical competence, leadership ability, computer skills and willingness to travel are necessary to become a capable field engineer.

Business Contacts
Internal: Technical Advisors are assigned to a GSI Service Manager, which they report to on average of once per week. Technical Advisors also report to HR/EHS personnel, payroll personnel, and Segment Manager as needed.
External: Technical Advisors may report to the client, the plant/utility owner, the construction firm, giving daily or weekly updates on job progress or as needed.

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering is preferred, as well minimum 5 years of experience in power plant maintenance, turbine generator maintenance, or power plant equipment installation/ commissioning. Successful completion of GE training program is a minimum requirement.

Тип занятости

Проектная/Временная работа, Вахтовый метод

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